Solar Panels

This category consists of online shops which distribute diverse solar panels and solar power systems.

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0.0/5 rating (0 votes) offers a wide range of solar panels by wattage (from under 10 w to over 270 w) and by more than 10 different manufacturers. Also you can find there different types of solar power systems grid-tied and off-grid (remote power systems, RV and marine kits, sign lighting kits, pole mount kits, telecom kits). There are large numbers of accessories: charge controllers, inverters, hardware for mounting, batteries, enclosures and etc. Option of comparing items by some parameters (price, availability, etc.) can help you too. In sum, this online store includes all needed for systems powered by the sun.

Silicon Solar

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Silicon Solar

Silicon Solar Company distributes a great range of products powered by the sun. There are solar panels and cells, flexible panels, hot water systems, landscape lights, sign lights and security lights, battery chargers, fountains and pumps powered by the sun, solar system components. Online store represents wide selection of types of solar chargers: for phone and devices, for AA/AAA/C/D batteries, for charging car and boat 12v batteries and different portable powered by the sun systems. The company pays much attention to education. You can find here different educational kits powered by the sun and books.

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